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    Real life test results show that if you are driving a Tesla, you have the best chance of avoiding serious injury. All models get 5 star ratings from safety tests conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and European New Car Assessment Programme.

    Model 3 safety rating

    Model S safety rating

    Model X safety rating

    What makes a tesla so safe

    NHTSA tests show that Tesla makes some of the safest cars – with the lowest probability of an injury.

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    The reasons why a Tesla is so safe are:

    • Low center of gravity, which makes flipping the car almost impossible.
    • There is no engine, so the entire front of the car acts as a crumple zone.
    • Alle Tesla’s have specially designed passenger airbags.
    • The car’s frame is made of ultra-high strength beam structures that work to mitigate the impact.
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