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    Yes, there is a Tesla with 7 seats. These 7-seater Teslas have an extra row of seats in the trunk that is intended for children (due to the limited amount of space).

    7-seater Model X

    The Tesla Model X is currently the largest car the Tesla makes. There’s room for up to 7 adults. During the checkout, you can tick the ‘seven seat interior’ for $3,500.

    7-seater Model S

    There used to be a Model S with seven seats in the past, but it was discontinued. However, Elon Musk said the production Tesla Model S Plaid will reintroduce this option.

    7-seater Model 3

    Due to the design of the Tesla Model 3 as a four-door fastback sedan there are only two rows of seats.

    7-seater Model Y

    The new Tesla Model Y also has the seven seat interior option. At $3,000 it’s a bit cheaper than the one in the Model X.

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