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    You don’t need a key fob or key card for your Tesla. It’s possible to lock/unlock the doors via the Tesla app.

    Phone lock/unlock

    1. Download the Tesla app on your phone (for iPhone or Android).
    2. Log into the mobile app using your Tesla account username and password.
    3. Connect your phone with the car via Bluetooth (more info).
    4. Enable mobile access under Controls > Safety & Security > Allow Mobile Access.
    5. In the mobile app, touch phone key then touch start to search for your car. When your car is detected, the
      mobile app asks you to tap your key card.
    6. Tap the key card against the card reader on the door pillar or center console.


    Here are some tips if you want to use the phone lock/unlock feature on your Tesla:

    • Bring a key fob or key card in case your phone dies
    • Make sure you lock your phone with a PIN, fingerprint or Face ID.
    • The Tesla Model 3 can connect to 3 phones simultaneously. Therefore, if more than one phone is detected and you want to use, move the other connected phone(s) out of range or turn off its Bluetooth setting
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