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    You can pair a Bluetooth phone with your Tesla to use the phone hands-free, play media from it, etc. Simply follow the steps below:

    Step 1: enable Bluetooth

    First of all, enable Bluetooth on your phone. Make sure that it is discoverable.

    Step 2: add a new device

    Touch the Bluetooth icon on the touchscreen of your Tesla. A new window appears with the button Add New Device. Click on it, and your car will start searching for your phone.

    After a while you will see a list of all available Bluetooth devices within operating distance. Touch the name of the phone with which you want to pair.

    Step 3: enter PIN number

    Your screen will display a random number. Confirm that this number is also displayed on your phone.

    Then, on your phone, confirm the Bluetooth connection.

    Step 4: access contacts and media files

    If you have the Tesla app on your phone, the car will ask whether you want to grant access to contacts and media files (to play music from your phone or call people from your contact list via Bluetooth). You can enable and disable access to contacts at any time.

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