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    Initiate a voice command

    To initiate a voice command in your Tesla, tap the microphone button on the touchscreen. You can also use the button on your steering wheel (dedicated button on the Model S/X, right scroll button on the Model 3).

    When you hear the tone, speak your command.

    When you’re finished,  tap the voice button again or simply wait.

    Available voice commands

    This is a list of the voice commands that are available. Found a new one? Contact us and we’ll add it to the list.


    • Navigate to: navigate to a destination. Example: navigate to 48370 Kato Rd, Fremont.
    • Drive to: navigate to a destination. Example: drive to Disneyland.
    • Where is: shows a list of locations closest to you. Example: where is the nearest McDonalds?
    • Cancel trip: cancels the current navigation.
    • Cancel navigation: cancels the current navigation


    • Call: call a person. Example: call mom.
    • Dial: dial a number. Example: dial 911.


    • Play: plays a song/artist/genre. Example: play Thriller by Michael Jackson.
    • Listen to: plays a song/artist/genre. Example: listen to house music.


    • Bug report: send a bug report to Tesla. Example: bug report: autopilot stopped working.
    • Keep Summer safe: enables sentry mode. A Rick and Morty easter egg.
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