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    Maintenance costs

    The most common maintenance costs for a Tesla are*:

    • Rotating tires: $80
    • Cabin air filter: $50
    • Brake fluid flush: $190
    • Cleaning of brake pads: $175
    • Windshield wipers: $65

    Maintenance intervals are much longer than ICE. Especially for brake pads. Thanks to regenerative braking, the brake pads last much longer.

    Overall, Tesla’s cost shockingly little to run and maintain:

    Saved costs

    Furthermore, there are several savings compared to ICE vehicles. For example*:

    • Oil change: $50
    • Transmission fluid flush: $250
    • Timing belt replacement: $800

    Over the lifetime of your car, these savings can reach into the thousands of dollars.

    *these costs are estimates and may vary depending on your model and location

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