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    Tesla Autopilot

    Autopilot is the name of Tesla’s autonomous driving feature. When enabled, the vehicle can can self-steer, adjust speed, change lanes, apply brakes, park and much more.

    Cameras and sensors

    This self driving feature is only possible with the help of several cameras and sensors. The car will also use GPS data. All this info helps the Tesla understand its surroundings.

    Processing power

    The second important aspect of Tesla’s Autopilot is the internal computer. Processing all these inputs requires powerful software and hardware.

    Changing hardware and software

    Over the years, Tesla has improved the autonomous driving ability of its cars thanks to better hardware and software. There have been several big upgrades:

    • Autopilot hardware 1: since September 2014
    • Autopilot hardware 2: since October 2016
    • Autopilot hardware 3: since april 2019
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