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    Fuel costs

    Owning a Tesla saves you money because the ‘fuel’ cost is lower.

    Let’s say you charge your Tesla Model S at home. The average price for electricity in the United States is 13 cents per kWh. Fully charging the 100 kWh battery costs you roughly $13. This gives you a range of 370 miles.

    A car that gets 36 mpg would use $25,69 of fuel to drive the same distance (with a gasoline cost of $2.50 per gallon).

    So it’s roughly two times cheaper to drive a Tesla than a regular gasoline car.

    Maintenance costs

    Furthermore, a Tesla also saves you money because of the lower maintenance costs.

    Electric vehicles have much less moving parts. So there is a smaller chance of breakdowns.

    And you don’t need oil changes, transmission fluid, timing belt replacements, etc., saving you even more money.

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