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    Yes, you can charge your Tesla virtually anywhere. There are several charging methods you can use. Here’s an overview:

    Available charging methods

    Option 1: A regular wall outlet

    Did you know that you can charge your Tesla from a simple wall outlet? It’s not the fastest charging methode, but it’s one that is available almost everywhere: at home, work, friends, etc.

    Option 2: Destination Chargers

    Tesla has a network of Destination Chargers. These locations – usually hotels or restaurants – allow their guests to charge their Tesla via a Tesla Wall Connector. That’s faster than an electrical outlet.

    Option 3: Tesla Superchargers

    One of the advantages of driving a Tesla is the Supercharger network. These stations can charge your battery from 0 – 80% in roughly 40 minutes.

    Option 4: independent charging points

    There’s a growing number of independent charging points. For example: EVgo, Blink, Ionity, Fastned, ChargePoint, etc. You can charge your Tesla there as well.

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