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    Every car can be stolen. Even a Tesla. But there are a number of features that make it much more difficult, such as:

    Wireless encryption

    Thieves often target the wireless signal from key fobs. With the help of a radio transmitter and a PC they can clone the key, open the car and drive away.

    In June 2018 Tesla rolled out a number of security enhancements to prevent car theft:

    “Due to the growing number of methods that can be used to steal many kinds of cars with passive entry systems, not just Teslas, we’ve rolled out a number of security enhancements to help our customers decrease the likelihood of unauthorized use of their vehicles.”

    They made changes to the encryption of the wireless signal used by the key fob, making it much harder to crack.

    PIN to drive

    We advise you to enable the ‘PIN to drive’ feature on your Tesla. Even when someone can hack their way into the car, they won’t be able to start it without your personal PIN code.


    What happens when someone manages to steal a Tesla?

    Well, chances are that it will be recovered. Because a the car is traceable by GPS technology. That’s why Tesla had a 100% recovery rate in 2016.

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