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    Performance in ice and snow

    Most Tesla’s have four-wheel drive. Combined with an advanced traction control, performance on snowy roads is very good.

    Tesla even released a video where Norwegian Arne Jakobsen talks about his daily commute with his Model S:

    Winter tires

    Your Tesla drives even better on snow and ice when it’s equipped with winter tires. These tires provide better grip in sub-zero temperatures.

    They’re definitely worth the investment, because winter tires prevent accidents.

    Things to consider

    Here are some things to consider when driving a Tesla in cold weather:

    • Range can be reduced due to a cold battery (between 5% and 20%)
    • Short trips make range reduction worse, because the battery doesn’t have time to heat up
    • Be aware that regen may be off and you have to use the brake
    • Heating the cabin requires more energy than heating the seats
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