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    I’m sure you know the Tesla Supercharger stations. But there’s another way to charge your car: Tesla Destination Chargers.

    What are Tesla Destination Chargers?

    Destination Chargers are locations that have installed a Tesla Wall Connector. These are slower than a Supercharger, but still faster than a regular outlet.

    Tesla has more than 3500 Destination Chargers in the United States. And this number is rising rapidly.

    Destination Chargers are usually found near upscale hotels and restaurants. It’s a new way to attract guests. They are generally offered as a perk for paying customers.

    Are these Destination Charging Stations free?

    Yes, Tesla Destination Chargers are free to use.

    However, because these chargers are on private property the owner has the right to charge for parking or restrict access to paying customers only.

    Where can I find Destination Chargers?

    Use this map to find a Tesla Destination Charger. They are indicated by a grey icon.

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